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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So here I sit . . .

mulling over another post about what I'm doing here. In general, I'm a bit scornful about too much self-reflection in this sort of thing, but I'm new at this, so forgive me for a minute. I've had a few ideas I've been kicking around for awhile I'm going to try and develop on the site, covering a wide range of topics, and in some depth, as opposed to the sort of running commentary on daily events some blogs specialize in. For the most port, most of these topics are ones that I have had some sort of experience reading about and researching, but can't find a more constructive outlet for. Feel free to comment as they appear--constructive criticism always appreciated. Some topics to look out for:

-tort reform
-health care/medical ethics
-environmental issues

among others. Periodically, I'll include some dirty jokes and bad puns just to lighten the mood. Enjoy.


  • Don't forget to notice the other bits of the world around you. The bold, the beautiful, the damn annoying. Those can give you a reason to comment and shine. I enjoy your style. Keep up the good work!

    By Anonymous thelittlewitch, at 10:31 AM  

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