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Thursday, April 14, 2005


IN response to Karen's post about getting the area bloggers together for a beer: I'm afraid I must decline. Not out of any aversion to alcohol or anythiny--quite the opposite, actually--but more because, at least for the time being, I intend this site to be anonymous.

Now, that may seem somewhat silly to some people. In fact, I imagine some of the posters I've seen on this site so far probably have a fairly good idea who I am. Also, I'm not silly enough to imagine most of you would care that much whatever the hell my name is (it's not like I'm Spiderman or anything), but I want to use this space to comment on certain things w/o being constrained by possible implications elsewhere in my life; to wit, I want to talk about certain aspects of my professional life w/o having to worry that it will turn around and bite me in the ass. Now, I'm not going to reveal any trade secrets or anything that could get me sued, fired, or shot at; still, I don't want to have to explain anything at a meeting with my boss, either.

At some point my confidence may grow to the point where I identify myself on this site, but not just yet. Thank you for your patience.


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